Lotte World

Lotte World

Operated by Lotte Group, Lotte World Adventure is the largest indoor amusement park in the world (Guinness World Record!)

Plus point: This was the filming location for Running Man Episode 9 & 149, Stairway to Heaven, as well as H.O.T’s Candy MV!


Personally, I’m not a very big fan of amusement parks at this age because I’m too embarrassed to be seen on kiddy rides and am too scared of heights to take many of the thrilling rides. If I go to amusement parks, I’m usually busy snapping photos and generally soaking in the atmosphere. However, I’m glad to say that I did go on a few rides in Lotte World despite being there for only a few hours + suffering in the long queues 😂

We came here on a field trip organized by Korea University International Summer Campus (ISC), so our tickets were free! Normal ticket prices will be as listed below.

Also, as I went to Lotte World quite a few weeks ago, my exact memory of some rides may be a bit fuzzy, so I will be referring to Theme Park Insider for a more accurate description. Here a few rides that I’ve taken and personally recommend if you’re not that keen on heights!

Dragons Wild Shooting

Image credits

“In this attraction, you and the other three people in your car journey through a castle, attempting to rescue it from a horde of bug-eyed dragons. The ride is kind of a mix between Toy Story Midway Mania and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, as riders point their laser guns at three-dimensional dragon models as well as screens full of the little creatures.”

I love shooting games in amusement parks! I’ve had similar experiences in Hong Kong Disneyland and Universal Studios Singapore, and the one in Lotte World is about as enjoyable. My arms ended up aching after the ride because it was so fast-paced and there were so many dragons to shoot.

Waiting time: ~ 30 minutes

4D Shooting Theatre


Image credits

I can’t find a description online for this, but basically you sit on this chair that moves, and shoot at the bad robots (?) on the screen through 3D glasses to accumulate points.

Personally, I really dislike 3D & 4D stuff because it gets too realistic and overwhelming for me, but my friends egged me to do this… and I actually ended up loving this! I got so engaged in shooting that I didn’t feel uncomfortable about the 4D experience, and my only regret is not going on it again.

Waiting time: ~ 20 minutes

Swing Tree


Image credits

This ride also made me step out of my comfort zone (again, more egging by my friends). They told me that it would be fine, that there were kids taking it too… The ride did look rather harmless, but it became a totally different story for me once the ride started swinging us vigorously through the air. Initially, I honestly felt like I was going to die and just wanted to get off, but after a while I got used to the intense spinning and started enjoying the views from up above. If you are no fan of heights, I would still recommend this as an alternative to the other thrilling rides because this is really easy to get used to.

Waiting time: ~ 20 minutes

Aeronauts Balloon Ride

IMG_3315This was my last ride in Lotte World. The views from above are absolutely amazing, but the biggest, BIGGEST problem about this is the wait. We waited for almost 1.5 hours just to get on because a) the line was snaking, b) the ride was slow, c) a limited number of passengers per balloon. I would definitely not recommend this at all unless you are really that keen to see Lotte World from above, or if the queue happens to be really short on that day.

Waiting time: ~ 1.5 hours


There are many F&B options in Lotte World, and most of them are reasonably priced, lower than what I would expect at an amusement park.


I bought this okonomiyaki (yes, ironic that I’m eating Japanese food in Korea) for about 8000won (if I recall correctly). Slightly pricey, but decent enough given that the portions were huge.

You can also grab drinks from some establishments/stalls along the way when you get thirsty – mostly affordable as well.

I would definitely recommend making time to go to Lotte World for at least half a day (if you’re not very keen on taking rides). Besides the amusement park, it also houses a folk museum, a lake, accommodations, department stores and more. We didn’t manage to see all of that, but if you have time to spare or need a break from your thrilling rides, these are definitely options worth exploring.

Tickets are also slightly pricey, but still cheaper than that of, say, USS.


[One-day Ticket]
Full day: Adults 52,000 won / Teenagers 45,000 won / Children 41,000 won / Babies 13,000 won
After 4: Adults 41,000 won / Teenagers 36,000 won / Children 32,000 won / Babies 13,000 won

[Admission Only]
Full day: Adults 36,000 won / Teenagers 32,000 won / Children 29,000 won
After4: Adults 30,000 won / Teenagers 27,000 won / Children 24,000 won
After7: Adults 18,000 won / Teenagers 16,000 won / Children 14,000 won [Magic Pass Premium Ticket]
5-Ride Pass: 30,000 won (Select 5 rides) / Free Pass: 100,000 won (All attractions)
* Magic Pass is only available for Day-pass and Annual Membership holders
* Magic Pass cannot be used for attractions that charge an additional fee

Babies (under 3), Children (ages 3-12), Teenagers (ages 13-18)
* Babies younger than a year old get free entrance to the park and kid’s play facilities (e.g., Kidstoria).
* Babies (12- 35 months) can enter the park for free (except group visitors), but the use of infant play facilities requires an admission fee.
* Seniors (ages 65 or above) are covered by the same pricing policy as Children. 
* Proof of age identification (i.e. medical insurance card) is required for babies under 3 years and seniors.
* Discounts for the disabled when accompanied with a guardian: 30% (only for one-day pass and admission ticket) / Preferred riding pass applies to the disabled and one guardian as well.


Open all year round.

09:30-22:00 (Nighttime admission: 16:00~)
* Closing time may vary each day; please refer to the official website.


Address: 240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 송파구 올림픽로 240 (잠실동)

Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, 8), Exit 4.
– Lotte World is directly connected to the station.


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