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UPDATE: A source on Trazy said that this HQ has been sold off and JYP has a new training center near Cheongdam Station. Not exactly sure how accurate this is since this center is still listed on JYP’s main website, but you can check out Trazy’s website to see this information for yourself.

If you are a die-hard K-pop fan, Apgujeong-Rodeo is the place you need to hang out everyday. JYP, FNC and SM are all in this area, making it easy for you to spot any favourite idol from any of these companies within walking distance.

JYP is one of the big 3 that all K-pop fans would know of, and is home to some of the artists that grew up with us e.g. Wonder Girls, 2ONEDAY & miss A. Their new artistes GOT7, Twice and DAY6 are also exploding in popularity. I came not just to check one item off my fangirl list, but also especially to test if I had the luck to see DAY6, one of my top favourites for being such a talented (& good looking!) band.

As with other entertainment companies, this building is not open to the public. Even taking a photo in front of the building is a bit tough because of the traffic + security at the main door, but there’s no saying if you may get to see celebrities moving in and out of the celebrity vans parked there.

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As you can tell from the photo, there were SO MANY celebrity vans moving in and out that day, and it was definitely a good sign.

We walked over to FNC and SM first, before heading back to JYP to try our luck again. The sheer number of fans waiting here was definitely not normal, and judging from the presence of many Korean fans, we were rather sure that someone must be coming into/out of the building.


We were partially right – a celebrity van did stop in front of the building, and many fans rushed forward with their cameras and phones to snap photos… the only person to step out of the van was the manager. Frankly, it was very disappointing, but also slightly exciting to think about the celebrity who was in the car (but didn’t come out!)

In the end, we didn’t manage to see any celebrity after about one hour, so we left. I think no one else came after that either, so I guess we didn’t have much luck.

Tip: There is a Dunkin Donuts café right opposite the building, and there were many fangirls waiting there. I suppose that café must be making a lot of profits, judging from the number of fangirls who park themselves there all the time. If you have time to spare, I would suggest sitting down here for a drink. Sitting outside means that you probably have more time to take better photos of any celebrities, so choose your seat wisely too.

As with all advice I would give to camping outside entertainment companies: if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of celebrities, your best bet would be to look out for a crowd of Korean fans around the building, because they would most likely be well-informed of their idols’ schedules and camping at the building in advance.


Address: 서울특별시 강남구 압구정로 79길 41 JYP센터 
Apgujeong-ro 79-gil 41, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Frankly, I relied on a friend to get to JYP, but the easiest way to get there is to go to Apgujeong-Rodeo Station (Bundang Line), Exit 2, walk down the Hallyu K-Star Road and you’ll find a map there with details on how to get to all the entertainment companies.

If all else fails, Google Maps will have to be your trusty friend.

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  1. […] Map of K-Star Road – good to save for future referencing! Do note that the locations of entertainment agencies may not be updated though, as JYP’s HQ has reportedly been sold off – read more here. […]


  2. […] Map of K-Star Road – good to save for future referencing! Do note that the locations of entertainment agencies may not be updated though, as JYP’s HQ has reportedly been sold off – read more here. […]


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