Confession: I had never heard of Juicy until I went to Korea, and I found it almost EVERYWHERE. I think Block B is their ambassador, but all I really remember seeing is Zico holding a juice cup in almost all their posters.

(I had a hard time trying to find their official website and Facebook page because I kept typing ‘Juicy’ when they only listed their name in Hangul, oops.)

(Image credits)

This was the exact store I bought from in Myeongdong (which photo I happened to find on the Internet, heh, thank you, kind soul who uploaded this!). The red signages make it really hard not to spot the shop from afar, but I put off trying this (in preference of my favourite Paik’s Coffee) until my last week in Korea, when I was shopping in Myeongdong and dying of thirst.

I am under this impression that Koreans like to eat mangoes (not very sure about this, to be honest; also not sure why I had this idea) and I happened to like mangoes, so mango juice it was!


I forgot the price, so I had to do a search on their website: M size was 2000 won, and XL size 3800 won. It might be a bit hard to see from the photo, but mine was XL (because I’m a glutton, and also because I was dying of thirst).

Verdict? I LOVED IT.

The juice wasn’t too sweet for my liking, and tasted pretty good! I could really taste the mangoes in it, so it’s definitely not just mango syrup in there.

I strongly recommend trying this out, especially in summer when the heat gets unbearable while you shop. However, I can’t guarantee that your experience with Juicy will be the same at every store, or with other flavours. I found a Reddit thread on Juicy, and it appears that some people had very different experiences with it:

I also just found out that they have branches in Malaysia 😦 I’m not sure if they have them in other countries besides Korea and Malaysia, but please open branches in Singapore in the future too!

I’m really hoping to be able to try their other juice flavours someday. They also sell coffee, and I heard they’re not bad, so I’ll KIV that as well and update this post again if I get to try them.

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