Celebrity Spottings: Jeong Jun-ha

We often joke about being able to breathe the same air as our oppas in Korea, but the truth is, being able to meet them is way harder than you expect (even if you camp outside their entertainment companies).

On my first trip to Korea, and on my first day nonetheless, I had a close-up encounter with comedian and entertainer Jeong Jun-ha. You might know him from MBC’s Infinite Challenge, which was precisely the show that he was filming when we saw him.

We were at Gimpo Airport, queuing to check in for our flight to Jeju. Suddenly, a guy with a cameraman hurriedly went to the queue next to us. I still don’t quite know what he was doing, but I remember letting out a gasp when I saw him and immediately took out my camera to snap photos. I wasn’t the only one – all the other airport staff members and the public who recognized him also whipped out their phones immediately.


Unfortunately, he didn’t stay for long, and I was left stunned by the encounter and the one & only photograph I managed to take. The other people in my tour group were actually thoroughly confused because they had no idea who he was (sorry Jun-ha!). We were hoping that there would be more Infinite Challenge members present in Gimpo as well, but we ended up being thoroughly disappointed.

As brief as the encounter was, it left a really deep impression on me because it was my first celebrity spotting on my first day of my first trip to Korea.

Here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to write more of such posts in future 🙂

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