Jung Sung Bon Shabu Suki (Myeongdong)

How we ended up eating everything other than shabu shabu and sukiyaki in this restaurant was quite funny. I was craving jjajangmyeon for dinner (who knew why? even I didn’t know) and we were freezing while walking around Myeongdong in hopes of finding a Chinese restaurant.

Just when we were about to give up, we turned into an alley and this ahjumma waved a menu in front of us. All it took for us to decide to eat there was that photo of jjajangmyeon on it.

One of the staff was very friendly when we first sat down and kept trying to get us to eat the Korean-style shabu shabu, but we decided to order bibimbap and jjajangmyeon instead. She clearly looked displeased at us because of it and wasn’t too keen on serving us afterward. It took very long for our banchan (small side dishes) to be served as well because she chose to serve those eating shabu shabu first. Oh well. I thought the banchan was really delicious though, especially the kimchi.






My beautiful jjajangmyeon

The food looks delicious, and they did taste amazing. I love eating jjajangmyeon in Korea because it’s difficult to find anything remotely close in Singapore. Most Korean restaurants and stalls I’ve visited so far don’t really serve Chinese food :/

Here’s a photo of the dishes offered in this restaurant (forgot to take a photograph of the menu). I just realized they didn’t list down the prices of our dishes, but based on my memory, bibimbap was 10 000 won, and jjajangmyeon 7000 won.


I thought the prices were reasonable enough given that the food was good, but the service was honestly a bit lacking. Maybe if you order shabu shabu, things will be different.

(I just went to check the location page of this restaurant on Facebook and someone actually gave it a one-star rating, lol)

This place is also not easy to get to. Alternatively, you can look out for an ahjumma waving a menu, and try to see if there’s jjajangmyeon on it (you’ll be surprised at how hard it is to find jjajangmyeon in Myeongdong). However, I would just advise that you skip this place because I’ve just seen some really bad reviews of it on some blogs.

I’m not able to find exact directions to this restaurant (not even surprised, to be honest), but its Facebook page seems to have a map.

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