Cheonghwawon (中華范)

When in Chinatown, eat Chinese food – along that line of logic, we found ourselves eating Korean-influenced Chinese food in Incheon’s Chinatown. Turns out it also made a lot of sense, because there are simply so many Chinese restaurants in Chinatown that you can’t avoid the possibility of having to eat at one. It is also here that I found what could possibly be the best jjajangmyeon I’ve ever tasted in my life.

From the signage and all, it’s probably safe to assume that this restaurant is rather famous since it has been featured on television before. The crowds can also get really massive during lunchtime, and if you need any further validation, most of the customers in this restaurant are Chinese residents, and they appear to be regular customers. The restaurant is probably also opened by Chinese residents because we could communicate with them in Chinese with not many problems on either end.


In all honesty, we went in because it was one of the first few Chinese restaurants we saw when we walked in from the entrance, but I guess one of the great things about taking risks like that is that you might actually find something you like by accident, which will feel like a very nice surprise.

I ordered a bowl of jjajangmyeon, and shared some mandu with a friend.






I’ve eaten quite a few bowls of jjajangmyeon in Korea, but I still believe that this place serves the best jjajangmyeon. It’s hard to tell how delicious it is from the photos because the sauce makes everything look like a mess, but please take my word for it. I loved the sauce, loved how generous they were with the other ingredients, and simply how tasty the noodles were. The mandu were also very tasty, though I’m not sure I would call them the best in Korea (I’ve had some pretty good ones in Insadong).

I can’t remember the exact prices for these, but most Chinese food prices should fall somewhere between 6000 won to 10 000 won, unless you’re eating something really obviously expensive like tangsuyuk, and I thought the prices which we paid for were quite okay at that time.

My friend and I were really highly satisfied with this delicious, affordable, and extremely filling meal. If there is only one Chinese restaurant you have to eat at while you are in Korea, I would go as far as to say this is the one.


3, Seollin-dong, Jung-guIncheon, South Korea

This restaurant is really easy to find – it’s one of the first few that you’ll see once when you step into Chinatown.

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