CAFÉ CHAIN: Tous Les Jours

I’ve always wondered what’s with Korean cafés/bakeries and French/France-alluding names. I’m sure a Korean name would have done fine – in fact, English ones aren’t that bad too. So why Paris Baguette? Why Tous Les Jours?

In any case, Tous Les Jours is one of those places you know you have to try out if you are committed to clearing a bucket list of cafés and bakeries in Korea. While Tous Les Jours leans towards being a bakery (as listed on its Wiki page), it also sells coffee, so the lines are probably a bit blurred here. If you want an official introduction to Tous Les Jours, here’s one from Wiki:

TOUS les JOURS is a French-Asian Bakery, meaning of ‘EVERYDAY’, serving a unique selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients from South Korea.

I’ve tried this on two different occasions – one at a chain in Hapjeong, and another at Incheon Airport. I’ve listed the various things I’ve eaten in the captions as well – feel free to hover over and click on the photos ~

I think their coffee is not bad, and is priced around the same as those of other café chains. If you have a sweet tooth, the iced hazelnut latte will definitely be for you. I also highly recommend the Milk Cream Cornet, which is a flaky pastry filled with deliciously sweet milk cream.

Overall, I haven’t been super impressed by their pastry offerings at the outlets I’ve been to, but I think the coffee is still worth a shot (haha). It might also just be me, but I don’t think TLJ is as commonly found around Korea as compared to other chains like Paris Baguette and Angel-in-Us. If you’re keen on trying TLJ but not too sure where to find them, make sure to visit the one in Incheon Airport (if I’m not wrong, they actually have more than one there).

I’ll be posting more about other bakeries and café chains real soon, so keep a lookout for it! 🙂

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