Busking Performances in Hongdae

Busking Performances in Hongdae

You might have heard by now that Hongdae is the place to go if you’re young and hip. I had heard stories about talented buskers in Hongdae, seen them in Korean dramas as well, so I wanted to go and see for myself what busking in Hongdae really looked like.

If you are visiting in summer, you’re in luck. When I was there during the summer, there were lots of performances going on along the whole street. It can get a little noisy with all the different music blasted everywhere, but usually the performers keep a good distance away from one another so that they don’t disturb one another.

The common performances you’ll find in Hongdae are K-pop dance covers (a lot of BTS!) and singing. The crowd turnout is usually pretty good in nice weather (see below), but it wasn’t so much the case in winter because it was way too cold for any sane person to be sitting outside in sub zero temperatures. For the same reason, you won’t find many busking performances in winter as well, so be prepared to be a little disappointed if you’re trying to catch performances in winter.




I can’t upload all my videos on WordPress, but I’ve shared an excerpt of an impressive cover of Ailee’s U&I on Vimeo, so do take a look if you’re interested in seeing how good the busking in Hongdae is!


No matter how times I’ve gone to Hongdae to watch the busking performances, I always get lost because a) it’s always so crowded b) the streets look the same to me 😂 what I usually look out for is the Bershka store (if I’m not wrong!) near a road crossing, but if you wanna be exact, here’s some directions from another website:

Getting to these street performances is easy enough. Simply hop on the green line (line 2) and get off at the Hongik University Station. From there make your way to exit 8 or 9 (either exit works) and once you exit take a right (exit 8) or a left (exit 9) and head south east until you come to Eoulmadag-ro. The street performers will be on that street. My advice, leave your fun charts at home, because you will be off of them.

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  2. Great post. Ilove your photos and video.


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