CAFÉ CHAIN: Caffè Pascucci

Another coffee chain to add to the list!

Unlike its Korean counterparts, Pascucci is actually an Italian coffeehouse chain that is run by SPC Group in Korea. But it’s not just any coffee chain – it has appeared in Korean dramas!

The outlet in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul, South Korea was used as one of the main filming locations for Seoul Broadcasting System’s 2001 drama Beautiful Days.

Unfortunately, I didn’t try this out in Seoul, but rather on Jeju Island. As far as my memory goes, it was located near Yongduam Rock, where you will find many other bingsu shops/cafés along the street. I found its TripAdvisor page, so you can have a look! It’s located at the following address:

4, Daranggot-gilJeju, Jeju Island 63098, South Korea

I remember that the summer weather was terribly hot on that day, so we headed in to eat some bingsu before the city tour bus came along. We deliberated for quite some time over which flavour to eat and eventually decided on this coffee bingsu. I can’t find the bingsu menu online, so I can’t state the exact name here, but I’m very certain it’s coffee-flavoured.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the price either, but it’s pretty affordable when we split among 3 people. The portions are just about right for 3 people as well, 2 is also okay if you are feeling hungry/thirsty. The coffee-flavoured ice tasted pretty okay, not too sweet. What I really liked were the toppings – coffee-flavoured jelly and nuts! It adds to the overall texture and flavour of the dessert, so you don’t get too overwhelmed by just the flavour of coffee in your mouth.

Ironically enough, we didn’t order anything else besides this bingsu, and I haven’t had a chance to try out Caffè Pascucci’s coffees (we did eat coffee-flavoured bingsu… does that count?). I think the coffee bingsu is great to eat in the summer heat, and anyway I think that the bingsus are only available in summer, so make sure you try them out if you happen to be in Korea during the season!

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