Kinfolk Kitchen

Kinfolk Kitchen

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from travelling, it’s that sometimes, the unplanned things can be unexpectedly good.

We were craving chimaek (chicken + beer), because that is one of the most snack combinations you can get in Korea, but at the same time unable to find one of the more famous chimaek places in Myeongdong. After walking round and round for ages, we settled for a place with a sign that mentioned fried chicken. I was in such a hurry to go into a warm place that I forgot to take photos of the exterior, but a quick search online throws up some good photos:

The strange thing was that the place itself was filled to the max (I think there was a company event of sorts), so we got asked to visit a Korean restaurant one floor down to make our order for Kinfolk Kitchen, and eat the chicken from KK in that shop. I know, it’s very strange. And the best part? The restaurant downstairs was totally okay with us being there and eating fried chicken there even though they didn’t look like they were related at all. I have no idea what’s going on between both restaurants, but my guess is that Kinfolk Kitchen gets crowded with customers so often that they struck up a partnership of sorts. In any case, it’s not entirely a bad thing because it means that KK’s business is booming, and booming food businesses usually stem from, well, good food.

Okay so moving on to the highlight – food!

We ordered fruit beers and fried chicken (duh!) The beers tasted pretty much just like beers with fruit syrup added in, but were surprisingly sweet and refreshing. I strongly recommend drinking them in summer, when the nights get hot and stuffy. We ordered a mix of cheese and honey garlic chicken, which were delightfully crispy and flavourful even in the cold, damp winter air. You’ll also see some potato wedges thrown in with the chicken, so you get some carbs along with that protein.

Grape beer
Cherry beer
Cheese & Honey Garlic Chicken
Cheese & Honey Garlic Chicken
Cheese & Honey Garlic Chicken

This chimaek is so good that we already decided to return again when we visit Korea in future. I didn’t get a photo of the menu, nor the prices, but our meal was worth the money – I would definitely remember if it wasn’t. It also helps that the staff (both Kinfolk Kitchen, and the restaurant who graciously hosted us) were all very friendly, so I felt that the overall dining experience was extremely pleasant.

Although Kinfolk Kitchen is not very famous and you’ll hardly see this place being mentioned in travel/food blogs, I highly recommend that you give this place a shot. If even the Koreans are overcrowding it, it’s definitely a sign that you’re on to something good.


Address: 55-4, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

It is tough to explain how to get here because frankly, we stumbled into this restaurant by accident, but a quick search on KakaoMap should come in handy.

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