Grevin Museum

Grevin Museum

I visited this attraction because it was part of the itinerary for my tour group back in 2016. It was also my first time visiting a wax museum – I’ve actually never been to one before that despite there being one in SG. Sounds unbelievable, but is absolutely true.

France’s famous wax museum, the Musee Grevin, opens its fourth venue in Seoul, after its opening in Paris, Montreal and Prague. The first Asian subsidiary is adding a slew of South Korean hallyu celebrities like Psy, and G-dragon as well as figuare skating star Kim Yuna. Over 80 wax figures are presented in different themed spaces, including historical figures such as King Sejong and General Yi Sun-sin.

One unique thing about visiting a wax museum in a different country is, of course, the fact that they feature more wax statues of celebrities and famous people from the country. So it is little surprise that there are lots of K-pop idols, actors, and historical figures, alongside international figures, of course. So even if you don’t get to meet or see them in person, you can still at least pretend that you took a photo with the real deal. Here are a few examples:

Grevin Museum 1
Andy Warhol & Marilyn Monroe
Grevin Museum 2
Bae Yong-joon
Grevin Museum 3
Kim Yuna
Grevin Museum 4
G-Dragon (feat. Rain in the back)
Grevin Museum 5
Kim Soo Hyun

I am pretty sure that I took waaaay more photos than these few, but somehow I can’t seem to find the rest. I hope I didn’t lose them o___o but I’ll get around to uploading more when I do find them!

Some other celebrities that you can find here include Psy (duh), Barack Obama, Bruce Lee (I think!), and Lee Min Ho. They do have quite a few different storeys that cater to different themes and famous figures:

  • 2F: Beauty Salon, Recording Studio, Hallyuwood, Hall of Fame
  • 3F: The Great Champion, Discovery Atelier, U-lala Party, Presidential Aircraft
  • 4F: Red Carpet, Cinema World, History & Great Men, Leaders of Peace

Personally, I think this museum caters more to people who

  1. Have famous figures in mind that they want to see in the museum
  2. Like photo ops where they get to pose with these wax figures
  3. Like to take photos

If you fall into neither of these categories, you are likely to find this attraction a little too boring and bland for your preference, so you can consider giving this a pass. The admission fees are not very cheap either, and you probably won’t be missing out much if you are not that keen on famous wax figures.


Adults (ages 19-64): 18,000 won
Children (ages 5-18) & Seniors (ages 65 or older): 15,000 won


09:30-19:00 (open all year-round)
※ Last admission: 18:15


Address: 23 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

City Hall Station on Line 1, Exit 5, and walk for 5 minutes.
Euljiro 1-ga Station on Line 2, Exit 1-1, and walk for 1 minute.

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