Celebrity Spottings: N from VIXX

MBC World

Many years ago, I heard stories of fanclub noonas camping at TV stations with their cameras to capture photographs of idols, but I never imagined that one day, I would actually be able to witness this in person.

So on a day in November this year, we visited MBC World. It’s a ‘broadcasting theme park’ – basically a place filled with photo ops. When we were there, we saw a huge group of females waiting in a cordoned-off area, and they were all armed with DSLRs. Security was also rather tight, with many of them keeping a close look on the fans and at the lifts. Now, to the best of my knowledge, I deduced that these females were fans waiting for a celebrity in the building to come out. However, we didn’t have anyone to ask, and neither were any of these fans holding fan boards, so we basically had no idea who these fans were waiting for.

After looking at a few of the exhibits/photo ops, we came out and saw a male idol coming out of the lift with staff members and security. I couldn’t recognize him at first glance because, well, obviously celebrities look very different in real life. What’s worse was that my photography skills failed me, so all I caught were two shots: one of his back, and one blur one of his side profile.

But!! Can you see exactly how close I was?? It was pure coincidence that we happened to be standing nearby, and he stopped right in front of us to wave hello to his fans – what luck!

We went to ask one of the staff afterwards whether she knew who this celebrity was, but she didn’t see his face so she had no idea as well. After a bit of searching on Twitter (where I knew fancams and MBC updates would be lurking), I found out that it was VIXX’s N! He was apparently attending a press conference for a new MBC drama, Red Moon Blue Sea. This is a fancam taken by one of the fans:


My photos obviously lack in comparison, but can you blame me?? I can only blame myself for not bringing my Olympus camera along on this Korea trip T___T

I’m still in a bit of a pleasant shock at my luck – if I went to MBC World on any other day, I might not have seen any celebs at all! It also certainly helped that I went at the correct time, and stood at the correct position. Celebrity spotting definitely requires a lot of luck – let’s hope that streak continues for me in the future!

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