Paik’s Beer (Sinchon)

Paik's Beer

So after we gave up trying to find our 9000 won Sinchon buffet (which has unfortunately closed down), we were hungry, tired, and desperate to find another place to have dinner. We spotted Paik’s Beer along the way, and decided to just pop in and try our luck.

Paik is a (sur)name that should be familiar to most – does Paik’s Coffee ring a bell? Paik’s Bibimbap?? All of these are opened by Baek Jong-won, “a South Korean chef, food researcher, entertainer, writer, essayist and businessman”. His franchises are famous for being value for money, so we had faith that this franchise of his would be good as well.

Shopfront (credits Paik’s Beer website)

This particular shop in Sinchon was empty save for a table of guys drinking. A group of girls came in later, but both groups of people were only drinking and eating small snacks, not eating full meals like us.

Butterscotch beer
Blueberry beer, butterscotch beer, and white grape beer
Odeng, steak, & chicken drumsticks
Steak – 8000 won
Chicken drumsticks – 7000 won
Odeng – 10 000 won


For the full menu, you can visit their official website.

Chef Baek did not disappoint at all – again! The beer was very refreshing, and also had a sweet taste from the different flavours we ordered our beers in. I find that the butterscotch one is particularly good to drink in winter, because as you drink more of it, you feel a slightly warm feeling growing inside of you. The fruit-flavoured beers are a nice option for people who may want something sweeter, and less of a ‘malt’ taste that you get from beers.

I know I should probably focus on beer in Paik’s Beer, but I have to say that I am SUPER impressed by the food. I’m guessing that he picked these food to be sold with alcohol because they go well together, and boy was he right!

You can’t go wrong with chicken and beer (hence the popularity of chimaek), but imo the best dish was really the odeng. Of course, my opinion would probably be different if I had eaten this in, say, summer. However, I still strongly recommend that you order odeng in winter to eat with your beer. It is rather filling, and really helps to warm up your insides with the delicious clear soup. The steak was not bad as well; I am quite impressed by the quality & portions of food served for a dish that costs 8000 won (SGD9.75).

Would I recommend that you check out this franchise? Definitely. This is not for hardcore drinkers who want 10 000 types of alcohol, but it is a great place for anyone who just wants to hang out for a couple of drinks with friends.


Address: 10-4 Yonsei-ro 9-gil, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Nearest station will be Sinchon Station (Line no.2), see below Naver Maps screenshot for directions:

2018-12-26 23.11.10

Paik’s Beer has quite a few outlets around Korea, including Incheon and Busan.

Check the website here for more outlet locations.

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