Innisfree Green Café

If you have read my beauty blog (sorry for shameless plug HAHA), you may know that I am a big fan of Innisfree – partly because they do such a brilliant job with their branding & marketing, and also because I really like their lip products, heh.

We actually heard about the Innisfree Green Café some time ago, but just never found a good opportunity in any of our previous trips to go. So in our latest trip this year, we finally made it a point to visit and try this out. After all, we tend to patronize Innisfree quite often (oops), so might as well, right?

The café is actually located in Innisfree’s Myeongdong flagship store, and occupies two storeys (2nd and 3rd). You can either walk up a flight of stairs, or take the lift up.

3rd floor
Americano, Hallabong tea, Omija Grapefruit tea
Americano, Hallabong tea, Omija Grapefruit tea
Green tea latte, Americano, Omija Grapefruit tea
Omija grapefruit tea
Green tea latte

The food & beverages offered in Innisfree Green Café are very consistent with the branding – produced in Jeju Island, natural, focus on green tea, etc. You may, in fact, find yourself spoilt to choice with the large variety that you can choose from – something not commonly heard of in cafés!

Prices are decent: our souffle hotcakes cost 10000 won, 13000 won if you order a set with Americano, although I do find that some of the teas can be rather pricey. My hallabong tea, for example, costs 5500 won (~ SGD 6.70). It’s on par with Starbucks (I guess), but still a little expensive in my opinion.

I didn’t manage to take a photo of the menu, but I found one on the Internet (thanks kind soul), so you may refer to it. I think this should be the latest one!

Image credits

Now on to the food… can I just say, these are the BEST hotcakes I’ve ever had! They are so fluffy, soft, and buttery that they literally just melt in your mouth! The fruits, jam, and whipped cream served alongside make for really good garnishing, although I’ll say that the hotcakes already taste superbly delicious when eaten on their own.

Exactly how good were these? Well, the first time we ate here, we waited 50 MINUTES for our hotcakes to be ready. To be fair, the cashier did warn us and we thought he was exaggerating…but he wasn’t. Anyway, that didn’t stop us from ordering the hotcakes AGAIN on our 2nd visit (on the same trip, mind you). This time round, we were told to wait 30 MINUTES for the hotcakes to be ready.

We definitely aren’t the most patient people, so you can imagine how fantastic these hotcakes must be for us to be willing to wait for so long. You’d also see that many other customers order the hotcakes (that was, in fact, why we ordered them as well) – a good indicator that this is a must-try at the café.

Hotcakes aside, you should definitely try their beverages. I do love their teas, and if you want to try and be ‘authentic’, definitely order the green teas and hallabong teas. They have green tea plantations and hallabong trees on Jeju Island, so it’s mostly likely that these tea ingredients are sourced from there.

The café is popular with both locals & tourists, so you can imagine that this place is always crowded, and even more so on the weekends. One tip I can give you is to go up to the 3rd floor. It’s a lot emptier and quieter than the 2nd floor, but it does present its own inconveniences: you have to order and collect your food on the 2nd floor, then bring it up. The only exception is if you want to drink juice, because there is a juice bar on the 3rd floor.

When you are done at the café, head down to the retail store on the 1st floor to burn some calories while you do your beauty shopping 😉 that will truly complete your Innisfree experience in Myeongdong!


Address: 64-2 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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