CAFÉ CHAIN: Gong cha

Gongcha Korea

I know, I know, Gong cha is not new to many of us, but we certainly missed it a lot when it disappeared from Singapore for a few months in 2017. Therefore, I was super excited to see Gong cha stores in Korea during that year to get a dose of this milk tea goodness.

What makes Korea’s Gong cha different from ours is that they have season specials, which means they have flavours that we don’t have here, and you probably won’t find those flavours again in the next season. Here are a few that I’ve tried over the past 3 trips:

Gong cha menu
Gong cha menu
This was a summer special – can’t remember exactly what, think it was a yogurt drink
Mango Green Tea Ade
Gong cha Myeongdong
Hot Earl Grey Milk Tea – 4000 won
Taro Milk Tea & Earl Grey Milk Tea
Hot Earl Grey Milk Tea
Incheon Airport 
Gong cha ambassador 2018 Park Seo Joon
Seasonal menu (winter 2018)
Cheese Foam Coffee Milk Tea – 4800 won
Grape Jewelry Milk Tea – 5100 won

Hot drinks:

  • Earl Grey Milk Tea
  • Taro Milk Tea
  • Winter 2018 Season Special: Cheese Foam Coffee Milk Tea

Cold drinks:

  • Mango Green Tea Ade
  • Summer 2017 Season Special
  • Winter 2018 Season Special: Grape Jewelry Milk Tea

Personally, I think their hot teas are generally all very good. I don’t have the habit of drinking hot Gong cha drinks in Singapore because it’s so hot already, but having a sip of sweet, sweet tea in winter is seriously amazing.

The cheese foam coffee milk tea was a tad strange though: you know how coffee + milk tea should give you a yuan-yang taste? I didn’t get much of it in this drink, and I think it’s because the milk tea taste was overpowered by the coffee. The cheese foam was great though – hope Gong cha keeps milk foam drinks in its menu!!

Check their Korean website for updates on new drinks and prices!

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