KBS (Yeouido)

KBS (Yeouido)

On one of the evenings in the summer of 2017, my friend brought me to Yeouido to visit the TV stations in this area (KBS and MBC), to see if we had any luck in meeting celebrities.

Yeoeuido KBS, the background of the drama <The Producers> is loved as the must-visit tourism spot of Hallyu fans. Especially, you could meet the celebrities and communicate them on the radio live broadcast studio, and enjoy the latest K-POP performances through the music broadcasts at KBS hall or new building.

Plus point: This was the filming location for The Producer and 2 Day 1 Night!

As you can see from the photos, we arrived here at around 7-8pm, by when the sun had already set, so we didn’t really harbour much hope of seeing celebs since it was past working hours.

KBS vans

There is a flight of stairs directly in front of the building, which is the opening spot for 2 Days 1 Night:

We actually saw one or two people who looked like paparazzi (because they were armed with huge DLSRs) waiting on the steps. We weren’t very sure whether they were waiting for a celebrity, and it wasn’t like we could ask them also…yeah.

Anyway, if there’s no filming going on the steps, you can actually go up and take photos of/with the posters and standees!

Fight for My Way was showing at that time!
2 Days 1 Night
KBS Cool FM Recording
KBS Cool FM Recording

At a corner next to the stairs, we actually spotted some recording going on in the studio for KBS Cool FM. I did a bit of googling and I think it’s most probably the recording of Volume Up, which is recorded from 8.10 to 9PM. We couldn’t really tell who was inside also, but I think it was a female celebrity. Not an idol for sure, judging by the small crowd, but should still be someone relatively famous I guess.

If you come earlier and have the time, you can also visit KBS ON, which is KBS’ in-house exhibition hall. It claims to be the first dedicated broadcasting exhibition hall in Korea, and admission is free. I think it’s probably quite similar to MBC World? Just that it’s a different broadcasting station, haha 🙃

As with other similar itineraries, this is definitely not meant for tourists who have zero interest in Korean entertainment, but if you are one of the fans who grew up watching dramas like Boys Over Flowers, Descendants of the Sun, and Music Bank, you’ll better understand the thrill of visiting the broadcasting station.


Address: 13 Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Korea 07235


3 minutes by walk from Exit No.4, National Assembly Station, Subway Line No. 9

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