CAFÉ CHAIN: Miss Lee Café (Insadong)

Miss Lee Cafe Insadong

I heard that this cafeé chain was very famous, but the first question that came to my mind was: “Who’s Miss Lee?” To be honest, I still don’t know, but it doesn’t matter.

Miss Lee Café is easily spotted from far away, thanks to who I can only assume is Miss Lee, perched on a bench and waiting for… me?

Plus point: This was the filming location for ‘We Got Married’!

I think Miss Lee isn’t so much the cause of this café’s popularity, but rather the fact that We Got Married was filmed here – Seohyun from SNSD & Jung Yong Hwa from CN Blue had a date here!

Tourist hot spot
Vintage toys and quirky signs pasted in the stairway leading to the café

Besides being a filming location, this café is also apparently well-loved by Korean celebrities:

SNSD Yoona’s signature!

When we visited that day, the café wasn’t very crowded, but of course there were quite a number of couples. You can either choose to be seated downstairs, or sneak upstairs for some privacy.

Couples everywhere in the café

Their specialty is actually the dosirak (lunch box) – you are supposed to cover the metal lid, shake it until all the ingredients mix well together, and then you can eat it. Unfortunately we went there after having lunch at Tosokchon, so we had no more space in our stomach left for a full meal, and only ordered drinks.

Miss Lee Café menu

To our pleasant surprise, the drinks came with a complimentary bowl of traditional Korean snacks. It’s not much, but still a thoughtful touch.

Our drinks – Black tea latte, Omija tea, Cappuccino
Black tea latte

I wasn’t expecting much from this tea, but boyyyy was I wrong! I’ve drunk my fair share of tea (I got really hooked on tea in the latter half of 2018) and definitely quite a few black tea lattes, but nothing comes as close as this one. It’s a hearty, delicious blend of aromatic tea and sweet milk, making this the perfect winter drink. I wish I could have bought 500 cups of this back to Singapore, because it’s simply so good. I even swear it beats any cup of bubble tea I’ve drunk.

Overall, I quite like the atmosphere of the café, and still yearn for that tasty black tea latte I drunk almost two months ago. I’ll try the dosirak next time and let you know if it’s good, but in the mean time, do remember to order the black tea latte – I promise it will make your date there even sweeter.


10:00 – 23:00


Address: 144, Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Anguk Station Exit 6

(As far as my memory can recall: turn right when you exit, walk straight down until you reach a traffic light crossing, then turn left. You will see the entrance to Insadong, where the cafe is conveniently located.

For more details on their menu and other branches, you can check out their website here.

3 responses to “CAFÉ CHAIN: Miss Lee Café (Insadong)”

  1. I went there! it is the cutest restaurant ever ❤ But, as for you, I still haven't tried the Dosirak ç__ç


  2. Oh too bad I saw your blog late! We stayed near Anguk station. I should’ve visited this cafe. Well, more reasons to go back to South Korea hehe. Love your blog!


  3. Nice! should do a post on vegan food! I remember there was a organic vegan buffet in the city!


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