Lotteria: Fast Food Chain

5 thoughts on “Lotteria: Fast Food Chain”

  1. OH and by the way, mozzarella, when warm only should be stretchy! But not that much… see here real italian mozzarella:

    Not sure if you ever been to Italy,.. well you should, not just Venice or Florence! Try visit a cheese farm somewhere (could be stinky, just buy and eat back at hotel!!!!).


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  2. Lotteria was pretty much one of my comfort foods during my exchange in South Korea ❤ It truly is one of the best fast foods I have ever tried but, for how much I can love it, it actually is not very appreciated by the Koreans I know D: All my Korean friends deem Lotteria to be a pretty average (if not low-quality) fast food chain, and it really broke my heart to see I couldn't share my love with them ç___ç But, in any case, the mozzarella stick is THE BEST EVER MADE, and believe me, I tried the one made in other fast foods (such as KFC) and there is no competition. Plus, next time you'll stop by Lotteria to have a burger, be sure to try the MOZZARELLA IN THE BURGER with bacon and thank me later, because it truly is the best burger ever made :3


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