Lotteria: Fast Food Chain

Lotteria Korea

I was told that I had to try Lotteria in Korea. It’s like the equivalent of McDonalds and KFC, and it is BIG in Korea. So naturally, I assumed that it was a Korean fast food chain.

I was wrong!

Lotteria is a chain of fast food restaurants in East Asia that grew out of its first shop in Tokyo, Japan in September 1972. Taking its name from its parent company, Lotte Corporation, it currently has franchises in Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Even if it wasn’t originally from Korea, you’ll find that Lotteria has become so ‘Korean’ that you can barely tell the difference. Apparently, Lotteria’s success in Korea was achieved in part by introducing lines of Koreanized fast food including its now signature kimchi burger, leading to it being seen by most Koreans as a native version of most Western-style fast-food restaurants. Well!

Strangely enough, both times that I’ve eaten in Lotteria are at train stations: the first at Busan Station, and the second at Seoul Station.

I can’t exactly remember what I ordered at Busan Station for lunch, but I think the burger was quite forgettable (literally). On the other hand, I quite enjoyed the thick cut fries – not very salty or oily, but have enough carbs to satisfy the potato lover (aka me).

The second time I had Lotteria for breakfast: we ordered iced latte, iced caramel macchiato, nuggets, and mozzarella cheese sticks. We wanted to order from the self-service kiosks but they require that you must use a credit card (I don’t think even T-money was accepted), and ended up ordering at the cashier.

Seoul Station Lotteria
Mozzarella cheese sticks

The second meal was also so-so, though I have to acknowledge that the mozzarella cheese sticks were the highlight of the meal. Just look at how stretchy and chewy the cheese is! 😍

I haven’t tried their Korean-style burgers and sandwiches yet, so maybe I’ll change my mind after I do. I also admit that this fast food chain is much more popular with locals and there were few tourists in sight, even though it was located at busy train stations.

If you are interested in finding a branch or taking a look at their menu, you can check out their website. Word of caution: I have been facing some problems getting the website to load.

5 responses to “Lotteria: Fast Food Chain”

  1. Love your blog and posts and photos, makes me want to go out again (but its in the middle of the night, i have to sleep!) 😀


  2. OH and by the way, mozzarella, when warm only should be stretchy! But not that much… see here real italian mozzarella:

    Not sure if you ever been to Italy,.. well you should, not just Venice or Florence! Try visit a cheese farm somewhere (could be stinky, just buy and eat back at hotel!!!!).


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    1. I love Korean fast food. They have so many good choices. Good to have BonChon in several countries 😉


  3. Lotteria was pretty much one of my comfort foods during my exchange in South Korea ❤ It truly is one of the best fast foods I have ever tried but, for how much I can love it, it actually is not very appreciated by the Koreans I know D: All my Korean friends deem Lotteria to be a pretty average (if not low-quality) fast food chain, and it really broke my heart to see I couldn't share my love with them ç___ç But, in any case, the mozzarella stick is THE BEST EVER MADE, and believe me, I tried the one made in other fast foods (such as KFC) and there is no competition. Plus, next time you'll stop by Lotteria to have a burger, be sure to try the MOZZARELLA IN THE BURGER with bacon and thank me later, because it truly is the best burger ever made :3


    1. (really, the back plays a huge role haha)


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