Sanji Lighthouse (Jeju)

Sanji Lighthouse

To be honest, we hadn’t heard of this place before, but it was one of the stops on the Jeju Golden City Bus Tour. We thought it would be interesting to visit a lighthouse in Korea, so we decided to get off at the stop and take a look.

Iho Beach is conveniently located close to downtown Jeju City. The sandy, gently-sloping beach and its mix of city amenities and natural beauty make it a popular destination for tourists during the summer.

The name Sanji derives from is the designation is recorded as ‘sanjichon’ literally translated the mountainous village (山 地 村). Under the reign of King Sukjong, the 19th king of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeju province governor at that time, Lee Hyeong-sang dispatched a painter Kim Nam-gil to write tamna Sullyeokdo (a book of paintings depicting various events held in 1702). 


Located in Sarabong Park, which is apparently popular with residents who go there to exercise, you can easily spot the lighthouse from afar. However, you do have to walk up some slopes since the lighthouse is actually in the ridge of Sarabong Mountain, so be prepared to sweat a fair bit on your way up to the lighthouse!

While you can’t actually go into the lighthouse, it is still a fantastic vantage point for you to take in all of Jeju City and Jeju Harbour at a glance.

Jeju Harbour
Jeju City

We came here in summer, and although the sun was blazing hot, you also get to enjoy the strong sea breeze.

There is actually nothing much (else) to do at Sanji Lighthouse besides looking at the scenery, but you’d be surprised at how long you can spend here. It did remind me of Busan (you can see the sea and the city from Haedong Yonggungsa and Taejongdae), as well as Singapore (the harbour at, well, Harbourfront).

Spending time away from bustling city life in Seoul (or whichever city you hail from) is something I truly treasure, especially since I live in a tiny, modernised city-state where everything moves so quickly. You don’t get the time to just do nothing and stare at the sea, or the opportunity to relax without worrying that you have a lot of work left undone 😦

If you have about an hour to spare or are wondering whether this stop is worth getting off for, I say definitely take the time to come here and enjoy the scenery. The walk up here (and down) is also a great way for you to exercise in nature – just make sure you don’t look too much like you are struggling, or you risk having an ahjumma or two laughing at you.

For those who want to see and make the most out of every stop on their itinerary, a fair warning that you may be slightly disappointed at the lack of things to do here.


Address: 108-1, Sarabongdong-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

From Jeju International Airport Bus, take Bus No. 300 and get off at Mountain Lighthouse bus stop.

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  2. Excellent photos, especially the lighthouses.


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