Osulloc Tea House (Myeongdong)

Osulloc Tea House (Myeongdong)

After many years of trying different tea brands, Osulloc remains one of my top favourites, and I’m not saying this just because I had a great time at their Jeju Tea Museum back in 2017. Their flavour-infused teas are simply top-notch, and even during the pandemic when I was unable to travel to Korea, I was still ordering their tea bags from Korea because I was so obsessed!

Back then in 2017, I didn’t have the means to splurge on their teas as I was on a tight budget, so when I went back to Korea again for my leisure travels in 2019, I made it a point to visit one of their stores in Seoul and try out their teas.

They have a few stores located around Seoul – I went to the one in Myeongdong because it was pretty strategically located (if I recall correctly, it was somewhere near Daiso and McDonalds).

Black tea latte and Fresh Hallabong Green Tea

I can’t find the black tea latte on the menu because it was a seasonal special – I’m also not 100% sure that’s the name of the drink, but I did note that it was black tea. I didn’t think I was super impressed by it, but the Fresh Hallabong Green Tea was a very refreshing option, especially if you’re having it in the summer.

BUT my favourite all-time has to be this:

Samdayeon Jeju Tangerine

This iced tea flavour is AMAZING. I never had much of a thing for tangerine-flavoured drinks until I tried this and I was hooked! It had a slight sweet tinge, which enhanced the taste of the tea leaves, which I’ve never been able to find again in any other tea store. I loved it so much that I bought the tea leaves (yes they sell them in tea bags) home, but somehow the ones they serve in-store are just so, so much better.

Other than their prolific teas, Osulloc is also famous for their green tea milk spread, which a lot of tourists would buy and gift as souvenirs. I love pairing these with bread and plain crackers – it’s a delicious, smooth spread with a fragrant hint of green tea that instantly enhances the flavour of anything. Heck, I would even eat this with rice if I could.

The only problem with this spread is that it expires super fast, might be due to the fact that they don’t quite use preservatives or the type of milk they use in this. They also have a hojicha version of this spread – I find it pretty good, but green tea still wins hands-down.

Most people visit Osulloc Tea House for their green tea desserts , but I highly recommend trying out their teas first to fully appreciate the tea flavours. The premium tea leaves that they use really shine through, and it would be a deep pity not to give it the recognition it deserves.


Address: 47-1 Myeon-dong 1ga, Jung-gu, Seoul Special City


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  1. Ahh! I’ve only recently found out about this tea brand. I’ll need to make a visit soon!

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