Bau House Dog Café 바우하우스

Bau house

I had always wanted to visit one of Korea’s numerous animal cafés (you’ll be absolutely stunned by the type of animals they actually keep in these cafés, including meerkats, sheep, llama, and what have you), and in 2019 I finally got the chance to visit one of the most popular dog cafés in Seoul – Bau House!

Word of caution: Google says Bau House is permanently closed but I have yet to find any further information on Google or Naver to back this up, so it remains to be confirmed! If you have any updates on this, please kindly let me know in the comments!

I was too excited by the prospect of spending my evening with cute doggos that I forgot to snap a photo of the prices, but here’s a photo from a Naver blog dated 2019. You’re essentially paying close to SGD10 for entrance fee (you get to stay for as long as you want!) and SGD3-4 for a canned drink, which is obviously overpriced, but to be fair it is already pretty reasonable compared to the amount you might be paying in animal cafés elsewhere.


Now for the main highlight – the dogs!! Some of them are the café’s resident dogs, while others are brought here by their owners to enjoy playtime with their fellow dogs / taken care of by the café staff. The outside area is where the smaller dogs roam around. You can actually go further inside the café to play with the bigger dog breeds if you’re not too afraid – although I do have to say that the larger dogs did tend to growl and bark a lot louder, which can be scary for little kids!

I think we spent about 2-3 hours here just sitting on the couches and having the dogs smuggle next to/on our laps, which honestly felt very comforting and was a perfect way to relax after a long day.

Also props to the café staff for constantly being alert and cleaning up as and when necessary, and looking out to make sure that the dogs (& humans!) are all good – just in case you’re a little afraid of dogs and need some extra assurance.

The only downside to visiting Bau House is the amount of dog fur you might get on your clothes afterwards… there may also be a bit of a smell that lingers on after your visit, so be sure to bring along a change of clothes or some perfume if you’re headed elsewhere after your café visit.


Address: 394-44 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

3 responses to “Bau House Dog Café 바우하우스”

  1. I’ve heard those cafes were calming. Interesting post, thanks!

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  2. We were in South Korea years ago. Great area we visited.

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  3. There is a dog cafe in India as well.
    I visited there and enjoyed a lovely evening with the dogs.


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