Iho Tewoo Beach (Jeju)

Going to the beaches is a must-do in summer when you’re in Busan, but we absolutely did not expect to go to one on Jeju Island. We hadn’t exactly planned our Jeju itinerary at that time, but one of the stops on the Jeju Golden City Bus Tour was Iho Tewoo Beach, and we knew … Continue reading Iho Tewoo Beach (Jeju)

Gwanghwamun Square

 Many people may be familiar with this attraction, as it is located right smack in the middle of Seoul, and right opposite Gyeongbokgung! On August 1st, 2009, the redesigned Gwanghwamun Square opened to the public. The close to 20,000m2 Gwanghwamun Square is located at the center of Sejong-ro which connects Gwanghwamun Gate and Cheonggye Square. The … Continue reading Gwanghwamun Square

KBS (Yeouido)

On one of the evenings in the summer of 2017, my friend brought me to Yeouido to visit the TV stations in this area (KBS and MBC), to see if we had any luck in meeting celebrities. Yeoeuido KBS, the background of the drama <The Producers> is loved as the must-visit tourism spot of Hallyu … Continue reading KBS (Yeouido)

Common Ground

If you love hipster experiences, hipster places, hipster photos, hipster food, hipster fashion, basically everything hipster, Common Ground is the place to go. I wouldn’t count myself as a hipster, but this is a popular tourist destination, so I figured I might as well visit and see for myself exactly how hipster this would be. … Continue reading Common Ground