Korean-Chinese Cultural Center (Incheon)

If you are from another race, don’t speak Chinese, or don’t even know a single thing about Chinese culture, I definitely recommend that you make a trip here, especially if you have young kids! It’s an eyeopening look into a population that is hard to ignore: they actually account for 51.6 percent of all foreigners in Korea! Continue reading Korean-Chinese Cultural Center (Incheon)

Lucky China (幸運大飯店): Chinese Food in Incheon

I headed to Incheon’s Chinatown again during my recent trip to Korea (partly because I really wanted to eat some great jjajangmyeon again), but instead of heading to Cheonghwawon (中華范) , we decided to try another restaurant. There are a few really famous ones in Chinatown with superrrr long queues because of its reputation and long heritage, … Continue reading Lucky China (幸運大飯店): Chinese Food in Incheon