O’sulloc Tea Museum & Innisfree Jeju House

Is it a coincidence that Innisfree Jeju house is right next to O’sulloc Tea Museum? Definitely not! For those who are familiar with the brand, you may know that green tea (be it green tea seed or green tea itself) is one of their core ingredients. It is little wonder then, that you also find … Continue reading O’sulloc Tea Museum & Innisfree Jeju House

Myeongdong 56th: Army Stew in Seoul

It seems that most people know about army stew when you talk about Korean cuisine, and so we knew we couldn’t go without at least having one meal of army stew on any of our trips to Korea. For the unacquainted, Budae-jjigae (부대찌개; literally “army base stew”) or sausage stew is a type of jjigae (stew), made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, kimchi and gochujang.[ The dish … Continue reading Myeongdong 56th: Army Stew in Seoul

KBS (Yeouido)

On one of the evenings in the summer of 2017, my friend brought me to Yeouido to visit the TV stations in this area (KBS and MBC), to see if we had any luck in meeting celebrities. Yeoeuido KBS, the background of the drama <The Producers> is loved as the must-visit tourism spot of Hallyu … Continue reading KBS (Yeouido)

Kinfolk Kitchen

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from travelling, it’s that sometimes, the unplanned things can be unexpectedly good. We were craving chimaek (chicken + beer), because that is one of the most snack combinations you can get in Korea, but at the same time unable to find one of the more famous chimaek places in … Continue reading Kinfolk Kitchen