Jeju Olle Naengmyeon

It was right in the thick of summer, which made it perfect for eating naengmyeon (as per my friend’s order) – but there’s also never a bad time to eat pork soup! Continue reading Jeju Olle Naengmyeon

Gwanghwamun Square

 Many people may be familiar with this attraction, as it is located right smack in the middle of Seoul, and right opposite Gyeongbokgung! On August 1st, 2009, the redesigned Gwanghwamun Square opened to the public. The close to 20,000m2 Gwanghwamun Square is located at the center of Sejong-ro which connects Gwanghwamun Gate and Cheonggye Square. The … Continue reading Gwanghwamun Square